Why Senior Developers do not Watch Facebook Clone Videos and Crash Courses Like Us

Within the first few months as a software developer, most of the technological approaches that I have been imagined changed drastically. In my university life, I mostly spent time on Framework crash courses on youtube. I Watched end-to-end full-stack project builds on youtube and tried to follow them step by step. Thinking that this is the way of learning new things.

In the beginning, I think it’s ok to a certain extent. You can get some sort of happiness by looking at the final end product you built by following the same steps that a YouTuber followed. It’s a good first approach to motivate yourself as well.

As a junior developer to learn a new technology/framework first thing I do is watching a crash course on youtube. Most of the crash courses follow the documentation and create a safe passage to watch and learn without scratching the head by reading documentations.

But things changed when I started working as a software engineer and getting to work with senior developers

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