React useEffect Hook Tutorial for Beginners

useEffect hook

React useEffect tutorial for beginners with real examples and day-to-day usage patterns.

Suppose you need to get a set of data from the database and use them to populate your React app. Or you need to change the title of the page or do some DOM manipulation on page load. You can use the useEffect hook to perform this easily.

Or imagine that you have a set of items to be displayed once a person clicks the ‘items’ tab in the navigation bar. The initial set of items that are to be loaded can be called using the useEffect hook.

React hooks introduced the useEffect() method to replace class component lifecycles.

useEffect Parameters

useEffect hook takes a function as the first argument and a set of dependencies as the second argument.

React.useEffect(function, [dependencies])

You may have read that The effect hook lets you perform side effects in functional components. That’s true so…

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