useEffect hook

React useEffect Hook Tutorial for Beginners

React useEffect tutorial for beginners with real examples and day-to-day usage patterns. Suppose you need to get a set of data from the database and use them to populate your…

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Windows 11 Update Requirements and New Features

In this article, I will share what to expect in the next windows 11 update — How to update? What to expect in the upcoming upgrade? The size of the…

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A Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript Callbacks

A callback function is a regularly used concept in full-stack development. I thought of sharing my way of approaching this technique. By the end of the article, you will understand…

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Learn React useState Hook

Hooks are a new addition to React 16.8. It enabled the use of state inside functional components. Hooks are functions that enable functional components to attach(Hooked into) with react state…

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Why Senior Developers do not Watch Facebook Clone Videos and Crash Courses Like Us

Within the first few months as a software developer, most of the technological approaches that I have been imagined changed drastically. In my university life, I mostly spent time on…

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react icons

Practical React Tutorials For Freelancers |Icons— Episode 01

The sole purpose of this type of content is to give some light to new developers like me to quickly grab the practical ways of implementing stuff using react. I…

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Add Google Analytics To WordPress For Free (2021)

Adding google analytics to WordPress is one of the easy gigs that you can start as a freelancer. I have seen many freelancers actively doing this gig in Fiverr. And…

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Learn Access Modifiers in C#

What are Access Modifiers? Access modifiers are simply keywords which are used to give accessibility permissions to classes methods and other members in object oriented programming. In this article we…

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